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professor of the Institute of Parasitology of Slovak Academy of Sciences (Košice, Slovak Republic)

Research Professor, Head of the Department of Parasitic Zoonoses at Parasitological Institute of Slovak Academy of Sciences, Košice

Date of birth:  February 12, 1939

Present mailing address: Cesta pod Hradovou, 040 01 Košice, Slovak Republic

Professional address:   Parasitological Institute, Slovak Academy of Sciences, Hlinkova 3 , 040 01 Košice, Slovak Republic  

Contact: tel.+421 55 63 344 55; Fax: +421 55 633 14 14

E-mail: dubinsky@saske.sk

Particulars of Education and Training:

1962 - Graduated from the University of Veterinary Medicine, Košice;

1964 – 1968: Admitted to doctoral study at the Parasitological Institute, Slovak Academy of  Science, Košice;

1968 Awarded Ph.D. degree; Thesis entitled “Experimental Study of the Ultraviolet Radiation on Ascaridia galli eggs “;

1983 Awarded degree of Doctor Scientiarum (D.Sc.); Thesis entitled “Life manifestations of Ascaridia galli in ontogenesis“;

1991 Awarded degree of Associate Professor;

2001 Awarded degree of Professor;

Employment details:

Since 1962 to present – Parasitological Institute of SAS, Košice, Slovak Republic, Department of Morphology and Physiology in the following positions: 

1962-1968  Research Assistant;               

1968-1974  Researcher;

1974-1981  Senior Researcher;

1981- to present: Research Professor;

Present Positions:        

Director of the Parasitological Institute of SAS Košice (since 1988); a member of Slovak Academy of Agricultural Sciences; a member of the Science Board of the University of Pavol Jozef Šafárik; a member of the Science Board of the University of Veterinary Medicine; a member of the Executive Board of the World Federation of Parasitologists; a member of the International Commission on Trichinelosis; President of the Slovak Parasitological Society; Editor- in- Chief of the international journal Helminthologia.

Scientific Background   

Research interests include physiology of parasites, human and animal  parasitoses, host-parasite relations, epidemiology and epizootology of parasitic zoonoses – diseased communicable from animals to humans. The most significant results are connected with research of parasites’ physiology, in particular original work on growth, development and forming of gametes and production of chitin in protective egg layers. The most recent work has focused on epizootology of parasitic zoonoses (echinococcosis, trichinellosis, toxocariasis and others.) The author of the textbook: “Veterinary Parasitology” the author of 1 monograph, 4 books, 6 chapters and 190 scientific publications in journals. Has participated in 6 international research projects and 12 national projects.

International Cooperation

University of Keele, Keele, United Kingdom;

Veterinary Faculty, University of Zürich, Switzerland;

Veterinary Faculty, State University of North Carolina, U.S.A.;

Institute of Parasitology, University of Vienna, Austria;

Parasitological Institute of Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow;

Helminthological Institute, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, Sofia;


Lectures for students, University of Veterinary medicine, Košice; lectures for post-graduate students, Parasitological Institute of SAS, Košice; supervisor of four MSc and five Ph.D. students of the Universities in Košice;

Scientific Awards

International Prize for scientific co-operation awarded by Bulgarian Academy of Sciences; The Gold Medal of the Slovak Academy of Sciences awarded for research results in biological sciences.

Foreign languages

English, Russian