Rules of registration of articles

Rules of registration of articles

Representation of materials: the text of the report has to be presented in the unpacked form in 2 copies. Report volume - to three sheets of the A4 format. The summary in English. Postal address: 117218, Moscow, B. Cheremushkinskaya St., 28., FGBNU "All-Russian scientific research institute of fundamental and applied parasitology of animals and plants of name K.I. Scriabina".

Materials in printed form can also be sent by fax +7 (499) 124-56 - 55.
Surely to edition the electronic file with report materials goes to an electronic mailbox of edition -

Literature: no more than 10 sources (without name of articles). 

Rules of registration of the text
- a format of the A 4 page with fields on 2 cm from each party, the Times New Roman font, the size 14, an interval unary;
- registration of materials is strict on the sample accepted for the collection;
- for foreign colleagues the publication of article in English is possible, edition guarantees to authors the translation of the summary into Russian;
- to authors, submitting articles for the publication to the magazine, it is necessary to get acquainted with conditions of the license agreement;
- in cases of publication of the article Edition has the right to consider that authors agree with terms of agreement and further won't have claims it is termless to Publishing house and Edition;
- Edition informs Authors that the edition of the magazine is located in scientific electronic Russian and international bases.

Example of registration of article:

Name of article
At the beginning of article justification and the short review of literature on the studied question with references to sources is given.
Materials and methods
Methods of researches with references to authors of these methods are described.
Results and discussion
Results of the received researches and their discussion with use of tables, schedules, drawings, charts, photos etc. are represented.
Conclusion (conclusions)
Conclusions by results of the conducted researches are represented.
The references used in article are provided (on an example)
1. Ivanov I.A.//Тр. Всерос. in-that гельминтол. – 2004. – T. 41. – Page 23-26.

The name of article, the author in English.
The summary in English.

The works issued without observance of the specified rules, sent after an established period and without payment of an admission fee aren't published.