On helminth fauna of fish of Ararat region reservoirs

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Oganesyan R.L., Rukhkyan M.Y.
Institute of Zoology of Scientific Centre for Zoology and Hydroecology NAS, Armenia.


The fish helminth fauna of the reservoirs of Ararat region have been studied. 86 specimens of 6 fish species of Cyprinidae have been investigated. 57% of fish infected by helminths. 6 species of helminths have been recorded: 1species of Monogenea - Dactylogyrus sp., 3 species of Trematoda - Diplostomum spathaceum, D. paraspathaceum, D. rutili, 2 species of Cestoda - Ligula intestinalis, Bothriocephalus opsariichtydis. They have been found in gills, eye lens, body cavity and intestine of the fish. Helminth infection extensity and intensity values have been recorded. The fauna is dominated by biohelminths - 5 species. Metacercariae of diplostoms from eye lens and plerocercoids of Ligula which parasitize in the body cavity of the fish are more common. Helminth fauna of fish of reservoirs of Ararat region does not differ much in terms of rich diversity. Low abundance of the helminth fauna, much probably, is the result of anthropogenic factors in the region. 

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