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12 November 2015


The new site of Scientific Research Institute Parasitology named after K.I. Skryabin

Dear visitors and friends of all-union scientific research institute of Parasitology of Scriabin!!!

Today a significant event - the new site of Institute is open.

So far in it still there is some information, but work on filling of the site as absolutely unique, best materials in the world on parasitology and a gelmintologiya go straight now at full speed.

You are expected by the publication of all of articles of editions of scientific research institute directly on the site in a look, convenient for reading and search:


where of course there will be all articles of our best edition - the Russian Parasitological Magazine.

But main thing,

very soon, you will be able to touch a tremendous collection of Helminths of our institute which Konstantin Ivanovich Scriabin started collecting. The photos of each exhibit, each preparation, most detailed, best in science, with all data where also who made collecting will be available to you always and from any point of the world. 

These are more than 30 000 exhibits, friends, you will see them EVERYTHING.


and besides, the diamond of our scientific research institute which doesn't have analogs in the world, in work for you also prepare:
- digitization of materials of Institute, photos, author's schemes, drawings, films, improbable on value, you will be able even to study original records of participants of the Soviet Gelmintologichesky Expeditions
- thousands of the most detailed photos of micro preparations made the most modern microscopes will open for you the world of a structure of one of the most surprising beings on the earth...
- the digitized scan copy of unique books and magazines from the scientific research institute huge parasitological library, 
- online database of helminths and their owners,
- the best articles on a gelmintologiya in professional English translation,
 and many many other things!

Yours faithfully, 
Your Staff of the All-Russian scientific research institute of Parasitology of name K.I. Scriabina

P.S. If you, as well as we, are the enthusiast of a gelmintologiya, 
and you have a desire to help our team with our work
or you have thematic materials which you would like to publish
or at you it is simple to eat ideas in our science which you want to share

to us it is valid very interestingly and it is necessary,
write on the e-mail postal address