Russian Journal of Parasitology - Suleimenov M.Zh.MARATBEK SULEYMENOV
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Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (Kazakh Scientific Research Veterinary Institute), assistant professor (docent), professor Russian academy of natural sciences, corresponding member of Academy of Natural Sciences of the Republic of Kazakhstan, since July 15, 2014 - Deputy Director General of Republican State Enterprise «Institute of Zoology»

 Date and place of birth:  November 21, 1956 (Almaty region, Republic of Kazakhstan).

Background: Graduated from Almaty Zoo-veterinary Institute on specialty

«Veterinary Medicine» (1979); completed the postgraduate training program in parasitology at All-Russian Scientific Research Institute of Fundamental and Applied Parasitology of Animals and Plants named after K.I. Skryabin (1986). He also graduated from the West Kazakhstan Institute of foreign languages and management «Eurasia» on specialty «Public administration» (2007).

Main research field: Veterinary medicine.

Employment details:  In 1990 Suleymenov M.Zh. defended his PhD thesis in veterinary medicine « Epizootiology of hasstilesiosis in sheep and struggle measures against it in the South-West Kazakhstan».

1979-1993: junior and senior research associate of Kazakh Scientific and Research Veterinary Institute (KSRVI);

1993-2003:  Head of Department for Parasitology at KSRVI; In 2003-2004: deputy director  for science of KSRVI. From

2004 to July 2014  -  Head of  the Laboratory of Parasitilogy at KSRV;

Since July 15, 2014  -   Deputy director general of the Republican State Enterprise «Institute of Zoology».

Suleymenov M.Zh. has a scientific school: 3 PhD theses in veterinary medicine were defended under his management; he was involved in INTAS projects.

Basic publications:  Suleymenov M.Zh. has published more than 270 scientific works  including 7 monographs, dictionaries, books, 35 scientific recommendations, textbooks, 45 provisional  and innovation patents of RK, 2 authorship certificates  USSR; elaborated  9 normative and technical documentations  for diagnostic, prophylactic and treatment preparations approved by the Ministry of Agriculture of the Republic of Kazakhstan.  

Suleymenov M.Zh. participated in scientific conferences in Bulgaria (Plovdiv, 1985), Peoples Republic of China (2001), Germany (2003), Turkey (2006). He has  International Certificates of  the Peoples Republic of China and Turkey. He is a  member of the Coordinating Council on veterinary parasitology  CIS.

Awards:  medal of Russian Academy of Agricultural Sciences   For outstanding contributions to the development of veterinary science (2008).