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All-Russian Scientific Research Institute for Fundamental and Applied Parasitology of Animals and Plant – a branch of the Federal State Budget Scientific Institution “Federal Scientific Centre VIEV”

VNIIP – FSC VIEV - is a continuation of age-old traditions and innovative approaches in modern science
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VNIIP – FSC VIEV - is a continuation of age-old traditions and innovative approaches in modern science


  • Development of theoretical bases of prevention of helminthoses and other parasitic diseases of farm animals and plants, environmental protection from parasites for ensuring steady veterinary and phytosanitary wellbeing of farms of different type, increase of efficiency of animals and plants, improvement of food supply of the population of the country due to receiving production of animal husbandry and plant growing of high biological and sanitary quality, and also health protection of the person from zoonoz and environment from pollution by activators of parazitoz;
  • Carrying out basic researches and development of the priority scientific directions taking into account the available scientific reserve and achievements of domestic and foreign schools, outstanding scientists;
  • Ensuring high scientific and methodical level of researches and coordination research and development of works in the country on a profile of Institute;
  • Preparation of scientific shots through postgraduate study, competition, professional development of experts;
  • Creation of modern material base of Institute;
  • Studying, generalization and distribution of achievements of science for the purpose of their accelerated development in practice of agricultural producers.


Development of technologies of prevention of parazitoz of animals and fishes, fitogel-mintoz of crops. creation of new medicines and protective preparations. research of means and methods of diagnostics. designing of devices and devices for diagnostics.

Antigelmintiki. diagnostikuma. devices for diagnostics. protective preparations.

Diagnostic testings. advisory help. preparation of scientific shots in the field of parasitology. gelmintologichesky assessment of pastures, reservoirs, etc. objects of environment.