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The ability of the print subscriptions in the branches of Mail of Russia

Dear members of the VOG and Authors of scientific publications!

Subscription index in catalogue "Russian Рost" ПН282.

The founder has the right to determine priority of publication articles Authors (Organizations) who subscribe to the magazine, according to the Charter revisions for entities (organizations) involved in the support of going to press Publications of the Institute.

Publications of the Institute carry out promotional activities of any product-related developments in the field of Parasitology, veterinary medicine, pharmacology and biology. Advertisements will be placed in both print and online versions of Publications on very favorable terms for You!

Accommodation and cost will be sent to specific Applicants on their email address. Under the terms of the advertising to appeal to the Editorial address: Please also send the scanned copy of subscription to be able to identify a preferential relationship between the parties at the address:

Our task is a long and mutually beneficial relationship between Authors and Publications of the Institute, the promotion of scientific development and research work of the Authors in wide circles of Readers around the world!

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