Editorial staff - MIKE MOSER

Editorial Council

Professor, Center for Basic Research in Parasitic Diseases, University San Francisco, California, USA.

Honored employee of the University of California, Berkeley. Research interest is environmental Parasitology.

The Californian university in Berkeley
— the state research university of the USA located to Berkeley, the State of California. The oldest of ten campuses of the Californian university. It is considered the best state university of the world and the only state university which enters a 10-ka of the best educational institutions of the world. In 2014 I have taken the fourth place in the academic rating of the best universities of the world, at the same time, according to the same rating, I have won first place in the world on natural sciences and mathematics. In 2013 in a rating of Times Higher Education the Californian university in Berkeley has received the fifth place among universities of the world.

Emeritus Department of Integrative Biology
University of California, Berkeley
E-Mail: mmoser@berkeley.edu