Russian Journal of Parasitology - Yakubovskyi M.V.MIROSLAV YAKUBOVSKY
Editorial Council

Head of the Division of Parasitology of the S.N. Vyshelessky Institute of Experimental Veterinary Medicine RUE, Belarus; doctor of veterinary medicine; corresponding member of the Academy of Agrarian Sciences of the Republic of Belarus, professor

Date and place of birth:   January 10, 1938  (the city of  Skvira, Kiev region). Since August 1979 until the present he has been working as a  Head of the Division of Parasitology.

 Main research fields:

- study of epizootic situation on parasitic diseases in animals including detection of new causative agents of parasitosis;

- determination of effect of  associative parasitic diseases on animals, studies on the mechanism of immunity in parasitosis;

- estimation of damage and economic efficacy of veterinary measures against parasitosis in animals;

- elaboration of new diagnostic tools for parasitic diseases in animals, medications for etiotropic and pathogenetic treatment and creation of new immunomodulators;

- development of a new complex of measurements for prevention of parasitosis in animals with respect to modern livestock technologies and natural climatic conditions of Belarus;

- elaboration of struggle measures against zoonoses in cooperation with medical specialists;

- training of highly qualified scientific staff;

- development of monographs, textbooks, reference manuals, instructions, methodical recommendations, articles on the problem of parasitosis in animals;

- providing assistance to practice veterinarians in struggle measures against parasitic diseases in animals;

- organization of conferences, seminars, practical training for veterinary specialists in diagnostics, treatment and prevention of parasitic diseases.                         


Advanced research trends in the Division of Parasitology under the management of Yakubovsky  M.V.:

- study of epizootic process in associative , detection of new causative agents of parasitic diseases;

- estimation of the immunity features in parasitic diseases; comparative study of immunity in different parasitoses;

- elaboration of new domestic complex preparations with the use of nanomaterials for treatment and prevention of parasitosis in animals; design and creation of new immunostimulators;

- development and production of modern biological preparations for treatment and prevention of parasitosis with the use of elements of genetic engineering;

Basic publications: Yakubovsky M.V. is the author of more than 450 scientific works including  23 textbooks, monographs and reference manuals, 10 patents.       

Scientific school: over the period 1979 - 2012  14 PhD theses were defended under the management of professor Yakubovsky M.V.