Editorial staff - SVETLANA ZINOVIEVA

Editorial Council

Date of birth: 25.12.1942

Doctor of biological sciences, senior research associate of the Center of Parasitology, A.N. Severtsov Institute of Ecology and Evolution RAS.

In 1967  Zinovieva S.V. graduated from the Faculty of Biology of  Lomonosov Moscow State University (Department «Invertebrate Zoology»).

Since 1965 she has been working at the Center of Parasitology RAS (formerly Institute of Parasitology, Laboratory for Helminthology RAS).

From 2001 to 20015 Zinovieva S.V. was the Head of the Laboratory for Phytoparasitology (Center of Parasitology RAS).

From 2006 to 20015 – Deputy director of the Center of Parasitology RAS

In 1980  Zinovieva S.V. defended her PhD thesis on specialty Helminthology;

in 1999 – her doctoral thesis on specialty Parasitology.

Zinovieva S.V. is a specialist in the field of phytohelminthology; her main research interests are connected with the study of host-parasite relationships and plant immunity in phytohelminthiasis considered from the standpoint of phytoimmunity.

These are high-priority research fields not only within the country but also abroad; her works on resistance mechanisms of plants to phytohelminths are a significant contribution to the general theory of plant immunity.

She has elaborated immunological concepts of formation and regulation of host-parasite relationships in systems «plants-parasitic nematodes»; established the main regularities of coadaptation of partners ensuring the sustainable existence of parasitic systems; defined  the main directions and the sequential  stages of evolution of phytonematode parasitism.

Based on the original experimental studies, a hypothesis of plant resistance to parasitic nematodes was suggested; mechanisms of induction of plants resistance to these parasites were defined.

Issues associated with biology, morphology and features of phytonematodes are the integral part of fundamental research of Zinovieva S.V. The essential part of her fundamental studies was implemented in the field of greenhouse plants protection from plant-parasitic nematodes.

Zinovieva S.V. is the author of more than 200 scientific papers published in domestic and foreign press, she has 6 certificates of authorship and 3 invention patents.

Her scientific works were exhibited and marked by honorary awards.

Zinovieva S.V. is a member of three Scientific Councils on the awarding of degree «Doctor of biological sciences»:  D002.051.02  - Institute of the History of Natural Sciences and Techniques named after S.I. Vavilov; 07.00.10 – history of science and techniques; D002.213.03 - A.N. Severtsov Institute of Ecology and Evolution RAS; 03.02.11 Parasitology - All-Russian Scientific Research Institute of Fundamental and Applied Parasitology of Animals and Plants named after K.I. Skryabin (VIGIS).

Zinovieva S.V. is a deputy chairman of Scientific Council on the problems of parasitology at the  Division of General Biology RAS, member of Commission on awarding prizes and medals to young scientists in the field of biology by the Presidium of RAS, member of Commission on nematode plant diseases by the  Agro-Industrial Complex of RF. Zinovieva S.V. is a member of several scientific societies (Society of plant physiology, All-Russia Society of Helminthologists, Russian Society of Nematologists,  Russian Society of Parasitologists). She is a member of Editorial Boards of the journals «Russian Journal of Nematology»,

«Journal of Balkan ecology». She participated in many international and regional conferences.

Zinovieva S.V. is involved in training for academic staff, 2 PhD theses were defended under her supervision, now a PhD thesis and a doctoral thesis are being prepared for defense.

E-mail: zinovievas@mail.ru
Tel. 8-916 -833-05-53