Editorial staff - IRINA M. ODOEVSKAYA


Candidate of Biological Sciences 

Epizootic monitoring was conducted for the most socially significant helminthozoonosis in infection foci in the territories of the Far Eastern Federal District (Primorsky Territory, Yakutia), Eastern Siberia, the Caucasus region, and the Voronezh and Moscow Regions. Foundations were laid for a new direction in helminthology, epidemic geography of trichinellosis.

An algorithm was developed for molecular taxonomic identification of Trichinella spp. using original molecular markers (primers) that allow for identifying intraspecific differences and imported Trichinella infection cases.

Thirty-eight nucleotide sequences of the Trichinella genome isolated from natural and synanthropic biocenoses were deposited into the NCBI’s GenBank International Database, and identification numbers were assigned to each one. Part of the collection of Russian Trichinella isolates was duplicated with the ITRC, International Trichinella Reference Center (Rome, Italy), and the European Union Reference Laboratory for Parasites (EURLP). Species membership that we previously established was confirmed for all strains, and individual international ISS numbers were assigned.

The research results were published in the following journals: Veterinary Parasitology (Q1), Journal of Helminthology (Q2), Russian Journal of Nematology, Journal of Veterinary Medicine, Czech Polar Reports, Helminthologia, Comptes rendus de L'academie bulgare des Sciences (Q2), and Nature Conservation Research (Q2).

She was an Implementer of two International Grants (RF-USA), the Grant North Pacific Board, USA, Project 0914 (2009-2011) and extension of the Grant, Project 914 “Trichinellosis in marine mammals as a zoonotic disease, and possible ways of transmission of trichinellosis to humans in the Chukchi Peninsula" (2012-2014). She was an Implementer of Grant РФФИ-№14-04-01064 (2012-2014), RSF Grant 14-16-00026 (2014-2016), and extension of RSF Grant 14-16-00026П (2017-2018) - Leader. RSF Grant 23-26-00220 (2022-2023) - Leader.