Editorial staff - TAMARA S. NOVIK


Doctor of Biological Sciences, Professor 

Born on the 31st of October 1949 in Moscow.

Profession: Biochemist. Graduated from the Moscow Veterinary Academy in 1973.

Field of Scientific Activity: Toxicology, Pharmacology.

Background: high university degree Senior Laboratory Assistant (1973-1976), Senior Veterinarian (1976-1977), Junior Researcher (1977-1983), Ph.D. defense (1980), Senior Researcher (1983-1988), doctorate defense (1992), academic rank of Professor conferred (2007), Leading Researcher (1988 till present).

Public and Research Work: Member of two Dissertation Councils. She took an active part in preparing the annual collection of research articles based on proceedings of the International Scientific Conference “Theory and practice of parasitic disease control.”

Seven Ph.D. theses have been defended under her supervision.

T.S. Novik has published more than 150 scientific papers including 23 Patents for Invention and 15 Copyright Certificates.

Labour Veteran.