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Russian Journal of Parasitology - Branislav PetkoBRANISLAV PEŤKO
Editorial Council

Assoc. Prof., D.V.M., D.Sc.

Professor of the Institute of Parasitology of Slovak Academy of Sciences (Košice, Slovak Republic)

Institute of Parasitology of Slovak Academy of Sciences SAS, Bratislava (Ecology, Parasitology, Chronobiology)

Date of birth: April 12, 1953

Assoc. Prof., D.V.M., D.Sc.

Work address: Institute of Parasitology of the Slovak Academy of Sciences Hlinkova 3, 040 01 Košice, Slovak Republic

Tel.:  +421 55 6334455, Fax: +421 55 6334455, petko@saske.sk

+421 903 623 343 (cellular)


1968-1971 Grammar school

1971-1977 University of Veterinary Medicine, degree of Doctor of  Veterinary  Medicine (M.V.D.)

1982-1987 Postgraduate study, Parasitological Institute SAS,  degree Ph.D. in Parasitology

1992 1 month study stay : the Chair of Comparative Tropical Medicine and Parasitology, University of Munich, Germany

1994 1 month study stay, Pettenkofer-Institute for Hygiene and Clinical Microbiology of Ludwig Maximilians-University, Germany

2006 degree Assoc. Professor of  the University of Veterinary Medicine in Košice

2011 degree Doctor of Biological Science, D.Sc.

Work experience:

1978 - 1989 Military Veterinary Institute, Košice

Head of Environmental Department (1981-1985) and Department of Airport Biological Protection (1985-1989)

1982 - 1988 Member of the Czechoslovak Academy of Sciences Board for Basic Research on Environmental projects; Investigator of projects for military protection against zoonoses and projects for ecologico-ornitological monitoring of military airports.

1989 - to present Institute of Parasitology of the Slovak Academy of Sciences,
           Košice, Head of the Department of Natural-foci Diseases.

1992 - to present Member of Parasitological Institute Scientific Board

1993 - to present Member of Board for Defence of Theses in Parasitology

Research fields:

Parasitology, epidemiology, epizootiology, zoology, ecology, environment

Natural-foci diseases, Lyme borreliosis, ticks and tick-borne diseases

Professional Memberships:

1998-2007 Member of the Presidium of  the Slovak Academy of Sciences;

1998-2007 Head of Committee of SAS Presidium  for Environment;

                  Coordinator of SAS environmental projects;

                  Guarantor of contractual cooperation of SAS Presidium and the
                  SR  Ministry of Environment;

1999 - to present  Member of Scientific Board of SAS Presidium for Biological and Ecological Sciences

2000-2001 Member of the Advisory Panel on Security-Related Civil Science
                  and Technology of the NATO Scientific Programme

2000-2001 Member of the External Advisory Group for Key Action 5 of the
                  European Commission

Foreign languages:

English and Russian languages - reading, written and basic spoken

Awards: Price of the Slovak Academy of Sciences for Popularisation of Science (2008, 2012)

Price of the Slovak Academy of Sciences for Developmnent of Biological Sciences (2013)