Attachment organs of trematode Fаsciola hepatica Linnaeus, 1758 P. 1. Oral sucker

Russian Journal of Parasitology
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Received   03.06.2014
Accepted  14.01.2015
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Attachment organs of trematode Fаsciola hepatica Linnaeus, 1758 P. 1. Oral sucker

F. M. Sokolina
Kazan (Privolzhsky) Federal University
420008, Kazan, Kremlevskaya st., 18, e-mail: fsokolina


The structure of oral sucker of trematode Fаsciolа hepatica, an organ of fixation to the walls of hepatic ducts in human and vertebrate animals, has been studied. Light and stereoscan electron microscopic observations on the oral sucker of trematode F. hepatica allow to determine that it consists of various complex circular and longitudinal muscle layers that differ from each other in the stage of development of muscle fibers. Transverse muscle fibers connect circular muscles. The oral sucker performs nutrition and attachment functions. The oral sucker is very mobile and its diameter changes due to muscle contraction and relaxation.  At contraction of muscle fibers the cavity of oral sucker becomes smaller because of the vacuum generated in its cavity. F. hepatica is firmly attached to the walls of hepatic ducts. On the bottom of oral sucker is a mouth opening. When F. hepatica  feels hungry its circular muscles contract, cover the mouth opening, and the oral sucker takes the shape of a funnel.

Keywords: Fаsciola hepatica, oral sucker, morphology, scanning electron microscopy.

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