Outbreak of ligulosis in Azov Roach – a single echo of solar storms?

Russian Journal of Parasitology
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Received 06.11.14
Accepted 25.02.2015
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Outbreak of ligulosis in Azov Roach – a single echo of solar storms?

N. D. Gaydenok1, A. E. Isachkov2, O. V. Bogus3
1Azov Scientific Research Institute of Fisheries, 344002, Russia, Rostov-on-Don, 21 Beregovaya str., e-mail: ndgay@mail.ru
2Southern Scientific Research Institute of Fisheries and oceanography, 298300, Crimea, Kerch, Sverdlov St., 2, e-mail: info@yugniro.ru
3Southern scientific center, 344006, Russia, Rostov-on-Don, 41 Chekhov,
e-mail: ssc-ras@ssc-ras.ru


The results of modeling of helminth infection using the example of Azov Roach were investigated. The relationship between the outbreak of ligulosis and the solar activity and the presence of chaotic nature of «host – parasite» system are showed.
Keywords: Azov Roach, digrammosis, ligulosis, «host – parasite» system, chaotic dynamics, Lorenz attractor.

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