Helminth fauna in farm and wild ruminants on the pastures of Chechen Republic

Russian Journal of Parasitology
DOI 10.12737/11765
Article history:
Received  01.10.2014 
Accepted  19.04.2015
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Helminth fauna in farm and wild ruminants on the pastures of Chechen Republic


H. H. Gadaev
Chechen Scientific Research Agricultural Institute, 366305, Chechen Republic, Shalinsky district , v. Grementchuk, e-mail: gadaev.hasan@mail.ru


Helminth fauna of farm and wild ruminants grazed on common pastures, in mountain areas of distribution of wild animal (tur, roe deer, Persian wild goat, gemsa) and in south regions (roe deer) was studied.


Helmintholarvoscopic examinations were carried out by Wajda and Berman-Orlov techniques, and the postmortem examination – by K.I. Skryabin method.

The post mortem examination of animals’ lungs (tur, Persian wild goat, roe deer, sheep and goat) revealed that the largest number of helminths was found in roe deer what could be explained by a high migration activity, increased communication both with farm and wild animals. In farm animals (sheep, goat) and in the representative of the wild fauna (Persian wild goat) nine helminth types (in each group) were found what was less than in roe deer and tur. In farm and wild ruminants on pasture the common types of Protostrongylidae were determined except Dictyocaulus. eckerti, Neostrongylus linearis, Capreocaulus capreoli which were found in roe deer, Persian wild goat and Caucasian tur.

Varestrongylus capreoli, D. eckerti, Protostrongylus davtiani, P. skrjbini, Cystocaulus vsevolodovi have been registered for the first time on the territory of Chechen Republic.

Keywords: fauna, helminths, farm animals, wild animals, Chechen Republic.


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