Studying of antiparasitic properties of dezavid in vivo

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A.S. Dovgalev, E.A. Pautova, L.D. Shuchinova

The action of disinfectant dezavid on Toxocara canis eggs in vivo is investigated. Dezavid in concentration of 0,1 %, 0,2; 0,4; 0,8; 1,6; 2,4 and 3,2 % has oocid and larvicid actions. With increase of concentration of dezavid solutions the terms of larvae life in eggs T. сanis and the period of destruction of eggs are shortened. Dezavid is recommended for disinfection an environment and excrements of dogs from eggs T. сanis. It is expedient to use of dezavid in higher concentration for reduction of terms desinfection of environment.

Keywords: dezavid, concentration, Toxocara canis, efficiency.

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