Epizootological monitoring and dynamics of seasonal sensitivity of cattle against babesiosis and anaplasmosis

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O.O. Skornyakova PhD in veterinary sciences
Vyatka State Agricultural Academy
610017, Kirov, 133 Oktyabrsky prsp., e-mail: olymur@yandex.ru

Dynamics of Вabesia bigemina and Anaplasma marginale infection in cattle in the last 6–7 years in the Kirov region have been studied. The extensivity of infection of В. bigemina was 0,50–58, A. marginale – 0,38–100 %. Both diseases are associated with seasonal sensitivity. Babeosis is registered from June to the beginning of September, the maximum extensivity of infection is 57,69–69,23 % and falls on June–July. Anaplasmosis in form of a parasite infection (parasitosis) is marked by three peaks in deprived areas: the maximum peak of infection was registered in June (96,99 %), some decrease – in October (78,12 %) and  an increase – in February (85,71 %). On average two peaks in the region are registered: the maximum infection with Anaplasma sp. – in November (37,05 %) and 2,2 times less – in May (17,05 %).

Keywords: Babesia bigemina, Anaplasma marginale, dynamics, cattle.


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