Values of humoral immunity in calves at cryptosporidiosis

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M. V. Yakubovsky doctor of veterinary sciences
O. P. Pepelyaeva candidate
Institute of Experimental Veterinary Medicine named after S. N. Vyshelessky,
Belorussia, Minsk, 28 Briket str., e-mail:

Dynamics of circulating immune complexes and  immunoglobulins G, M, A during a pathological process are studied in experiments on calves in the age of 9–35 days spontaneously infected with Cryptosporidia spp. The decreased level of immunoglobulin G (by 23,1 %), the increased level of immunoglobulin A (by 55,7 % ) and the increased  by 2,38 times amount of circulating immune complexes were found in infected calves  in comparison with the values of the control group that confirms the presence of the specific interaction antigen-antibody and the decreased activity of the humoral component of immune system. Infection caused by Cryptosporidia spp. leads to pathophysiological changes in humoral immune system of calves that is manifested in a decreased level of immunoglobulin G and an increased level of immunoglobulin A as well as in an increased amount of circulating immune complexes.

Keywords: cryptosporidosis, immunoglobulins, circulating immune complexes, calves.


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