Cumulative properties of new domestic anthelmintic preparation nadinate

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S. A. Kozlov postgraduate 
research advisor - M. B. Musaev doctor of veterinary sciences
All-Russian Scientific Research Institute of Fundamental and Applied Parasitology of Animals and Plants named after K. I. Skryabin, 117218, Moscow, 28 Bol. Cheremushkinskaya str., email:

Cumulative properties of a new domestic anthelmintic nadinate as well as its effect on cestodes and nematodes have been studied. The experiments have been performed in white mongrel male rats which were injected with a nadinate suspension prepared on the base of 1 % starch mucilage. Nadinat appointed in the first four days in a dose of 500,7 mg/kg and then every four days 1,5 times to 50 % death of animals. By injection of nadinate into the rats stomachs the cumulative coefficient was 3,2 over 28 days what is the evidence of absence of cumulative properties.

Keywords: nadinate, cumulative properties, rats.


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