Preventive quarantine measures against meloidoginosis in cultures growing in protected ground

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A. A. Shesteperov doctor of biological sciences
S. V. Lychagina PhD in biological sciences
All-Russian Scientific Research Institute of Fundamental and Applied Parasitology of Animals and Plants named after K. I. Skryabin, 117218, 28 B. Cheremushkinskaya. e-mail:
(Approved by Commission on nematode diseases in plants at Division of Plant protection of Russian Academy of Agricultural Sciences on 24th of September 2010)

A system of protection measures has been suggested to provide quarantine measures and methods for managing all elements of epiphytotic process. Protection measures carried out in bed greenhouses are based on applying clean substrates, in industrial greenhouses – on using healthy sprouts, ensuring substrate level control, applying resistant varieties and hybrids, ravaging of weeds. When a nidus is determined the following measures should be conducted to eliminate that nidus: localization of infection and increase of biological resistance of plants by using meliorants, plant growth regulating agents, trap plants; disinfection of ground using biogenic nematicides.

Keywords: meloidoginosis, quarantine measures, greenhouses.

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