Clinical case of cerebral coenurosis in a bison

Russian Journal of Parasitology, 2016, V.35, Iss.1
UDC  619:616.995.121.56
Received   15.11.2015
Accepted   19.02.2016
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Kosminkov N.E., Laipanov B.K., Vorobyeva  T.Yu. Clinical case of cerebral coenurosis in a bison Russian Journal of Parasitology, 2016, V.35, Iss.1, pp.   


Kosminkov N.E., Laipanov B.K., Vorobyeva  T.Yu.
Moscow State Academy of Veterinary Medicine and Biotechnology named after K.I. Skryabin, 109472, Moscow, 23 Academician. Skryabin St.,e-mail:


Objective of research:  the analysis of Coenurus cerebralis found in the brain of a bison from Prioksko-Terrasny Nature Biosphere Reserve of the Moscow region.

Materials and methods
. We have conducted the euthanasia and dissection of the brain of a bison calf due to manifestation of clinical neurological symptoms.

Results and discussion
:  After brain dissection, a strange large dumb-bell shaped vesicle was revealed in the brain tissue. On the inner surface of the vesicle the protoscolexes of helminth were found. The surrounding brain tissue was significantly atrophied, cerebral meninges were swollen, and fissures were smoothed.

To confirm the species belonging of the parasite, a part of surface with 50 protoscolexes was fed to a 6 mo. aged dog. 2,5 months later, Тaenia multiceps proglottids were revealed in dog’s feces, which confirmed the belonging of Coenurus cerebralis. It was found, that the bison might be one of the intermediate hosts for this helminth

Keywords: bison, Coenurus cerebralis.


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