The results of the use of the drug Troncil in the treatment of giardiasis in dogs.

Russian Journal of Parasitology, 2016, V.36, Iss.2
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Received: 22.11.2015
Accepted: 06.04.2016


I.A.Prokhorova V. E. Abramov
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Objective of research: to study the therapeutic efficiency of domestic anthelmintic drug Troncil in the form of tablets for the treatment of giardiasis in dogs. The analysis of literature sources on the prevalence of giardiasis in humans, dogs and cats in the RF and abroad as well as recommended medications are presented in this article; test results of the domestic anthelmintic drug Troncil for giardiasis in dogs are provided.

Materials and methods: Stool specimens from 20 dogs of a dog shelter were examined; Giardia spp. cysts were detected in fecal samples with the use of PCR- diagnostics.

For this purpose, we used the test system of the laboratory ISOGEN GenPak DNA PCR to detect DNA of Giardia in biological samples from humans and animals using the polymerase chain reaction. PCR product was visualized by agarose gel electrophoresis using ethidium bromide staining, under UV light with a wavelength of 320 nm. The specific amplification fragment of a certain size allows us to presume the presence of DNA of the pathogen in the test sample. The combination anthelmintic Troncil was given within 3 days at a dose of one tablet to dogs

The combination tablets were administered within 3 consecutive days to dogs infected with Giardia lamblia in a quantity of 1 tablet / 10 kg bodyweight per day.

Results and conclusion: High effectiveness of treatment for giardiasis was registered; the excretion of Giardia cysts by infected animals has stopped.

One of the main advantages of the drug Troncil is its high efficiency in comparison with the drug Metronidazole.

The drug Troncil has provided a greater degree of security. There are no known contraindications for the drug Troncil. It may be given to puppies even from 6 weeks of age.

The treatment with the drug Troncil may prove to be a very useful diagnostic tool because it is often used to exclude the diagnosis of helminthiasis and giardiasis in dogs with chronic diarrhea. 3- day course of treatment is usually enough.

Keywords: dogs, children, giardiasis, diagnostics, anti-parasitic drug, treatment, effectiveness.


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