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All-Russian Scientific Research Institute for Fundamental and Applied Parasitology of Animals and Plant – a branch of the Federal State Budget Scientific Institution “Federal Scientific Centre VIEV”

Research and Innovation Department

Research and Innovation Department

The main purpose of the Department is to take all planned and systematic actions necessary to implement the state plan for research and development works (R&D), as well as other R&D of the Institute.

The Department’s main objectives: 

- systematization of scientific knowledge in research, creation, study, organization of introduction of drugs for animals, development of recommendations for the intensification of procedures for drug creation and research, taking necessary actions in conjunction with the Institute’s scientists aimed at obtaining permits and introduction of existing and new drugs in veterinary practice; 

- analysis of inventions made by the Institute's employees, and materials available in the Institute laboratories for antiparasitic drugs, as well as the experience of the practice of introducing drugs by other research institutions or pharmaceutical companies that work in drug circulation; 

- determination of the procedure for development, research, production, state registration, standardization and quality control of drugs from the perspective of the Institute; 

- study of the sufficiency and level of research for each drug. Preparation of recommendations on the need to finalize documentation or conduct further research, as well as the procedure for their state registration; 

- documentation preparation, preparation of reports (report sections) on the subject or its section (stage or task): formulation of conclusions based on results of completed research work. Participation in publication of obtained results; 

- information retrieval and processing of scientific information, domestic and foreign experience on the subject of the Department and related areas as may be necessary for solving research problems; 

- participation in conferences and other scientific events aimed at promotion of acquired scientific knowledge; 

- control of serviceability, and correct and safe use of equipment and materials; 

- participation in the training of graduate students, and their involvement in implementation of research work and introduction of research results into agricultural practice; 

- monitoring the quality of research work, and analytical support for planning the organization's activities on issues within the competence of the Department.