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12 May 2016


The meeting of the Methodological Commission "Invasive animal diseases"

Meeting of the Methodical commission "Invasive diseases of animals"

11:00 - on May 19, 2016


1. Consideration of normative and technical documents:

1) Recommendations about fight against protostrongilidoza of sheep and goats in the conditions of Armenia. Developers: Boyakhchyan G. A., Movsesyan S.O., Arutyunova L.D., Petrosyan R. A., Chubaryan F.A., Nikogosyan M. A. (Institute of zoology of Scientific center of zoology and hydroecology of NAN of the Republic of Armenia, the Center of parasitology of Institute of environmental problems and evolution of A.N. Severtsov of the Russian Academy of Sciences)

                 Reviewer: prof. Arkhipov I.A. (FGBNU of "VNIIP of K. I. Scriabin")

2) Monograph "Patogistologichesky Changes and Pathogenesis of a Sifunkulyatoz of Cattle". Authors: к.б.н. Utyaganova A.M., prof. Fazlayev R. G. (FGBOU VPO "the Bashkir GAU")

                 Reviewer: prof. Arkhipov I.A. (FGBNU of "VNIIP of K. I. Scriabin")

3) Recommendations "Technological bases of prevention and fight with sifunkulyatozy cattle in the Republic of Bashkortostan". Developers: Utyaganova A.M., Fazlayev R. G., Fazlayeva S. E. (FGBOU VPO "the Bashkir GAU")

                 Reviewer: prof. Arkhipov I.A. (FGBNU of "VNIIP of K. I. Scriabin")

4) Methodical provisions on the organization of studying of a gelmintofauna of mammals in especially protected natural territories. Developers: Vlasov E.A., prof. Malyshev N. S. (FGBOU VPO "Kursk GU", scientific research institute of parasitology)

                 Reviewer: Doctor of Biological Science Romashov B. V. (Voronezh GAU).

5) A technique of definition of an ivermektin in paste for horses. Developers: prof. Abramov V. E., Balyshev A.B., Abramov S.V., Kochetkov P.P., Abramova E.V. (FGBNU of "VNIIP of K. I. Scriabin")

                 Reviewer: д.в.н. Arisov M. V. (FGBNU of "VNIIP of K. I. Scriabin")

6) Methodical provisions on extermination of flies and gadflies in products of slaughter and trophies of hunting. Developers: Okulova I.I., Zhdanova O. B., Ashikhmin S.P., Minkov S. I, Mutoshvili L.R., Napisanova L.A.

                 Reviewer: к.в.н. Chasovskikh O. V. (Vyatka GSHA).

7) Monograph "Eymerioz of hens. Patomorfologiya and pathogenesis of an illness". Authors: prof. Fazlayev R. G., к.б.н. Fazlayev R.R, Fazlayeva S.E. (FGBOU VPO "the Bashkir GAU").

                 Reviewer: prof. Arkhipov I.A. (FGBNU of "VNIIP of K. I. Scriabin")

All documents are considered and approved.