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All-Russian Scientific Research Institute for Fundamental and Applied Parasitology of Animals and Plant – a branch of the Federal State Budget Scientific Institution “Federal Scientific Centre VIEV”

ASR Institute of Parasitology named after K.I. Skryabin in Scientific Electronic Library eLibrary

ASRI of Parasitology named after Skryabin
in Scientific electronic library eLibrary

Размещение ВНИИ Паразитологии в Научной Электронной Библиотеке E-Library

Deputy director for innovations
candidate of biological Sciences
Nina Samoylovskaya


eLIBRARY.RU - Russia's largest digital library of scientific publications, with rich search capabilities and information. A library integrated with the Russian index of scientific citation (RISC) is created by order of Russian Ministry of education free public tool to measure and analyze the publication activity of scientists and organizations. eLIBRARY.RU and RISC developed and supported by the company "Scientific electronic library".


The Russian index of scientific citing (RISC) is a national information-analytical system, accumulating more than 6 million publications of Russian authors, as well as information about citation of these publications from more than 4,500 Russian magazines. It is designed not only for operational support of scientific research relevant bibliographic information, but is also a powerful tool, which allows to assess the efficiency and effectiveness of activity of research organizations, scientists, scientific journals, etc.

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ASRI of Parasitology named after Skryabin as of 31.12.2015 year, has registered more than a thousand publications in the Scientific Electronic Library.

Card ASRI of Parasitology named after Skryabin:

A list of publications and citations of ASRI of Parasitology named after Skryabin, the analysis of the publication of activenote:

In the system of the nel registered 75 the authors of ASRI of Parasitology named after Skryabin.

In addition, in the Scientific Electronic Library registered three periodicals:

1. Russian Parasitological Journal:

ISSN the printed version 1998-8435 Subscription index 80269


2. Theory and practice of combating parasitic diseases (conference proceedings):

3. Proceedings of All-Russian research Institute of helminthology them. K. I. Skryabin

Currently publishing the All-Russian Scientific Research Institute of Fundamental and Applied Parasitology of Animals and Plants named after K.I. Skryabin in Scientific Electronic Library purposefully and actively replenished, the materials are digitized and published, stay tuned !