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The device for diagnostics

The device for diagnostics


The device AVT-L is intended for veterinary and sanitary examination of meat and meat products on trichinosis by method of digestion of muscular tissue in artificial gastric juice. This method of a peptoliz is the most perspective and effective method of trikhinelloskopichesky control.

Examination on trichinosis with use of devices AVT-L in the conditions of meat-processing plants and various diagnostic laboratories allows to resolve the issues connected with examination of large consignments of meat production or individual models of tests of muscular tissue in the wide range.

The method of research is based on dissolution in artificial gastric juice of muscular tissue and detection in the draft of larvae трихинелл.

The device is structurally executed in the form of the desktop device consisting of the main assembly units: cases, capacities for water, reactors having activators mixers with the drive from electric motors, and the block of electronic automatic equipment providing uninterrupted management of heating of water in the thermostat and supplied with the timer with automatic endurance of time of 25 minutes for management of mixers and 10 minutes for a sediment of a perevar. Reactors are filled with the artificial gastric juice (AGJ).

At institute the form of dry mix IZhS, convenient for application and transportation, Betasol is created. The IZhS dry components Betasol in vacuum packing remain not less than 8 months, without losing diagnostic activity, are easily and safely transported and can be used at diagnosis of trichinosis under production conditions of laboratories of meat-processing plants and field conditions in hunting farms, in rural veterinary stations, slaughters.